White Lotus Home Buckwheat filled ZAFU Meditation Pillow in Twill - WLH B

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  • Buckwheat Zafu 11" diam
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WLH B - 100% Organic Cotton Twill Fabric

Kapok Zafu (11D x 7H)
Zafus have been used for meditation since the early 1900s. Used for cross-legged and kneeling postures. 
White Lotus Home handcrafts Zafus with kapok or organic buckwheat hulls. 
Kapok is a natural, silky fiber known for its resilience and lightness. 

Buckwheat hulls are more pliable than kapok, shifting more readily to where you want them; the cushion can be shaped to your preference, while still providing good support for your lower back. 

Fabric type:WLH B 100% Organic Cotton Twill Fabric
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