White Lotus Home Green Cotton Roll Away Guest Bed (STOWAWAY) with a Cotton Twill Fabric Cover (WLH-A)

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Main Fibers

This is the primary component in your stowaway.

  • Green Cotton
Stow Sizes
We Aim for 100% Satisfaction
WLH A - 100% Cotton Twill Fabric
  • Our Natural Cotton Stowaways beds (sometimes used as shikibutons) are great for overnight guests, traveling, kids rooms, or as an exercise mat. The Stowaway is a smaller version of our futon mattresses are a good for short-term sleep. 
  • They can also help you increase your comfort level by placing one on top of your current mattress. 
  • These mattresses bi-fold, tri-fold roll up. We offer covers with straps for all our stowaway mattresses, so that you can easily stow them away.
  • You can order the stowaway with or without a cover. The cover has straps sewn right on it so you can roll it up for easy storage. 
  • The standard stow is 30x75x3 and it is 30" high and approximately 20" in diameter when rolled up. 
  • The stow also comes in all standard mattress sizes as well as custom sizes.

Standard Stow Sizes & Weights

Lower weights generally reflect a Latex Core or Evergreen Foam Core stowaways, while higher weights are more typical of a Boulder Style (extra firm) stowaways. As all White Lotus Home products are unique, all dimensions and weights are approximate. A variation of up to 1" in all directions is appropriate. 

Stow Style   Dimensions     Weight
Stow    ∙    30 x 75 x 3"    ∙    20 - 30 lbs.
Twin Stow    ∙    39 x 75 x 3"    ∙    30 - 40 lbs.
Double/Full Stow    ∙    54 x 75 x 3"    ∙    35 - 50 lbs.
Queen Stow    ∙    60 x 80 x 3"    ∙    40  - 55 lbs.
King Stow    ∙    76 x 80 x 3"    ∙    45 - 60 lbs.



Fabric Case:100% Cotton Twill
Fire Retardant:None - No fire retardants are required on 3" Stowaways
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Hi, how firm/soft is this mattress?

In response to your question, firmness/softness are generally a personal preference. Stowaway Mattresses, measure 3" thick, are great for overnight guests, traveling, kids rooms, or as an exercise mat. These all-cotton stows are considered a "medium-firm": not so hard that it's comparable to sleeping directly on the floor, but neither is it plush and giving, these are generally good for short-term sleep.

Our Stoways also come in a Boulder style which features 15% more cotton and twice as many tuftings to create an even firmer option. This particular option does not come with a cover however, you can choose a variety of colors separately.

Both styles can also be crafted in a 4" depth for an additional 15% of the MSRP.

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Does the GREEN COTTON ROLL AWAY GUEST BED (STOWAWAY) with a 100% Cotton Twill Fabric Cover (WLH-A) have fire retardant? GCSTOWWLA42
No this product does not contain any fire retardants. Thanks!
I would possibly like to use the Stowaway guest bed to sleep on 2-3 nights on a regular basis. Can it be made thicker? I believe it is 3' thick. Can it be 5' thick? If so, how much would it cost? Thanks!
Hello, a 5" thick mattress would be considered a futon mattress. Please review Green Cotton mattress option and select the futon options to purchase the 5" thick version. If you need further assistance call us at 732-828-2111 or email us at info@whitelotushome.com.