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Weights & Sizes for all White Lotus Home Organic Products

White Lotus Home Standard Mattress Sizes & Approximate Weights

(higher weights reflect boulder style (firm) mattresses)

Twin 6" Mattress39x75x670-80
Twin Futon39x75x565-75
Twin 7" Mattress39x75x775-85
Twin 8" Mattress39x75x875-90
Twin 9" Mattress39x75x980-90
XL twin 6" Mattress39x80x675-85
XL Twin Futon39x80x570-80
XL Twin 7" Mattress       39x80x775-85
XL Twin 8" Mattress39x80x885-95
XL Twin 9" Mattress39x80x980-101
Double 6" Mattress54x75x685-95
Double 5" Futon54x75x580-90
Double 7" Mattress54x75x790-100
Double 8" Mattress54x75x895-110
Double 9" Mattress54x75x9100-115
Queen 6" Mattress60x80x6105-120
Queen 5" Futon60x80x595-115
Queen 7" Mattress60x80x7110-130
Queen 8" Mattress60x80x8120-135
Queen 9" Mattress60x80x9125-140
King 6" Mattress76x80x6145-165
King 5" Futon76x80x5135-160
King 7" Mattress76x80x7155-175
King 8" Mattress76x80x8160-180
King 9" Mattress76x80x9165-195
Cali King84x72x6145-165
Chair Lounger54x28x6, 23x28x6         30-40
Twin Lounger54x39x6, 23x39x670-85
Double Lounger54x54x6, 23x54x685-100
Queen Lounger54x60x6, 23x60x6110-125
Massage Mat30x75x1.510-12
Twin MM39x75x1.512-20
Double MM54x75x1.515-20
Queen MM60x80x1.520-25
King MM76x80x1.520-25
Twin Stow39x75x330-40
Double Stow54x75x335-50
Queen Stow60x80x340-55
King Stow76x80x345-60

Because our mattresses are handmade, weights may vary slightly. Latex & Foam mattresses will be on the lighter side and the FIRM Boulder style mattresses are the heaviest.

Cotton duvet weights (Approximate; +/- 1 LBS)

toddler 4.5
twin 7.5
XLTwin 7.8
double 10
queen 12
king 13.5
cali king


Wool duvet weights (Approximate; +/- 1 LBS)

toddler 4
twin 6.5
XLTwin 6.8
double 8.4
queen 9.2
king 11.5
cali king 11.5

Duvet sizes

Toddler Duvet 36x53
Twin Duvet 68x86
XL Twin Duvet 68x95
Double Duvet 78x88
Queen Duvet 86x86
King Duvet 86x100
Cali King Duvet 98x100
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