Wool Topper in Organic Cotton Case

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  • Wool
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Fabric Case
  • Organic Twill

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White Lotus Home Handmade Wool Topper in Organic Cotton Casing

Comfort You Can Rely On All Year Long

Treat yourself with luxurious softness, supreme year-round comfort, and ultimately, a restful night's sleep. This supremely plush wool topper is naturally breathable, helping to manage heat and moisture throughout the night so you can sleep at the perfect sweat-free temperature no matter what the season. Stay toasty warm during the colder months, and cool and comfortable in hotter months. 

The White Lotus Home Wool Topper is:

✅ Naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew

✅Comfortable year-round, from the cold of winter to the heat of summer months 

✅ Encased in smooth, luxurious Organic Twill Cotton

✅ Stuffed with wool from ethically raised sheep 

✅ Hand-stuffed to avoid lumps

✅ Naturally flame retardant - no chemicals here 

✅ A healthy and eco-friendly alternative to synthetics and down

✅ Handcrafted in the United States 

A White Lotus Home topper is made to lie under your fitted sheet, it can be used on top of any mattress to increase comfort. 
This comfy addition to your nest is 2 inches thick made up of 3 layers of fluffy wool inside a 100% organic cotton case. It is also available in double the thickness, which would be closer to a 4-inch thick loft. Wonderfully easy to air out and better than a feather bed any day...or night!

Wool from Happy Sheep!

Traceable, Farm to Market Wool from Happy Sheep in NZ 

When you purchase any White Lotus Home wool product or bulk wool fibers, you can rest assured you're receiving a high quality product you can trust. Grown in New Zealand from free range, pasture-fed sheep, then processed right here in the USA, all of our wool is scoured using only gentle NPEO-free detergents without bleach. It then goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure its integrity.

Best for hot/sweaty sleepers who want a soft, fluffy pillowtopper, or duvet. Also a good fit for people with allergies.

Looking for GOTS Organic Wool for your Topper?  Email us at info@whitelotushome.com to request a special quote.

NOTE: Because White Lotus Home does not add perfumes, formaldehyde, or dyes to our natural fibers and materials, some of our items will retain their natural scent. Samples of our fibers are available for free by contacting our sales department by email: sales@whitelotushome.com or by calling 732-828-2111.

Topper Sizes & Weights: Wool
As all White Lotus Home products are unique, all dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary +/- 1 inch or pound.
Toddler    ∙   28 x 54 x 2"   ∙   10 - 18 lbs.
Twin    ∙   39 x 75 x 2"   ∙    25 - 27 bs.
XL Twin    ∙   39 x 80 x 2"   ∙    26 - 28 lbs.
Double/Full            ∙   54 x 75 x 2"   ∙    28 - 30 lbs.
Queen    ∙   60 x 80 x 2"   ∙    34 - 36 lbs.
King    ∙   76 x 80 x 2"   ∙    38 - 40 lbs.
Cali King   ∙ 72 x 84 x 2"   ∙  38 - 40 lbs.             

Toddler Extra   ∙   28 x 54 x 4"   ∙   20 - 25 lbs.
Twin Extra   ∙   39 x 75 x 4"   ∙   30 - 32 lbs.
XL Twin Extra   ∙   39 x 80 x 4"   ∙   32 - 35 lbs.
Double/Full Extra   ∙   54 x 75 x 4"   ∙   38 - 40 lbs.
Queen Extra   ∙   60 x 80 x 4"   ∙   39 - 42 lbs.
King Extra   ∙   76 x 80 x 4"   ∙   44 - 47 lbs.
Cali K Extra   ∙ 72 x 84 x 4"   ∙ 44 - 47 lbs.

How will my order ship? Will I be able to track my order?

White Lotus Home offers free shipping within the contiguous United States.

Most orders are shipped via FedEx. When the items leave our facility, you will receive automated tracking information via FedEx. If you do not receive this information, please do not hesitate to email us and our staff can provide a tracking number. 

Exceptions are as follows:

  • Large orders within 100 miles of our manufacturing facility in New Jersey are eligible for complimentary White Glove Service. If your order qualifies for delivery, our Coordinator will contact you via email at least 3 days prior to your tentative appointment window. For additional information and to see if you qualify, please see here.
  • Furnishings outside of our delivery range will ship directly from the manufacturer unless otherwise notified. We will forward tracking information as it becomes available to us.
  • Orders shipped internationally, to Alaska and Hawaii, or to APO Boxes may be shipped via the United States Postal Service. Tracking is available upon request.
  • Certain items, particularly King Mattresses, may exceed the 150 pound limit for FedEx ground shipments and may need to be sent via FedEx Freight or a private shipping company. We will forward tracking information as it becomes available to us.
Do you ship outside the U.S.?

We are happy to offer our handcrafted mattresses and bedding to those outside the United States. 

For orders to Alaska and Hawaii, an additional fee may apply. Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you with an estimated shipping cost --- typically around 10-15% more than your original total. Alternatively, you may reach out to us before placing your order for a quote. 

For Canadian orders, shipping costs can range between 5% and 25% of your order total, depending on your location. Kindly contact us for a shipping quote prior to placing your order. Please note that most of our soft good products (mattresses, bedding and pillows) fall under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and you should pay little or no tariff cost. Please have the following notice handy when you are receiving your products or dealing with your broker in Canada:

International buyers may request a shipping quote by email prior to placing an order. We can be reached by email at info@whitelotushome.com. Please be aware that the each country has the authority to levy fees, tariffs, and taxes on imported goods. These are left to the discretion of the individual governments and varies from country to country. Foreign tariffs and taxes Sare not visible when purchasing postage and therefore, we cannot provide a quote for these fees. It is the responsibility of the addressee, as he or she was the purchaser of imported goods.

Additional information can be found on our Shipping Page.
Review all Frequently Asked Questions on Shipping, Delivery and Assembly.



Care and Cleaning: Pillows, Duvets, and Bedding

As they are raw, minimally processed fibers, our products cannot be completely submerged in water without damaging the fibers within. This includes pillows and duvets.

We recommend spot cleaning your White Lotus Home pillows, duvets, and bedding with a solution of 3 parts water to one part vinegar. Spray the solution onto the stain and expose to sunlight. Let dry and repeat until the stain fades and odors dissipate. You can also substitute vinegar with a mild laundry detergent. For surface stains, hydrogen peroxide works well for blood, whereas rubbing alcohol can help to remove oils from cosmetics.

Bedding should not remain damp, as it may encourage uneven wear or mold growth. Following a spill or cleaning, dry any moisture by placing the item in the sun or by using a hair dryer. Ensure it is fully dry before re-adding sheets or protective covers, such as our Organic Barrier Cloth Covers.
Please note that these suggestions are at your own risk. Results may vary. 

Refreshing Wool Bedding

Wool bedding, such as duvets and toppers, occasionally require special care. We recommend exposing it to direct sunlight and air once a month --- sunlight works as a natural sanitizer. If you prefer to send them to the cleaners, use a dry-cleaning process only. Never submerge wool bedding in water or place it in the washing machine, as this can cause irreversible felting of the wool.


Review more Frequently Asked Questions.


Inner fibers:Wool
Material:100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric
Topper Type:Wool Toppers
What do you think of this product?
Share your thoughts with the White Lotus Home community.
Patrick S (Skaneateles, NY)
March 30, 2024
Great top for bed.
February 08, 2024
We have had this a few months now, and we absolutely made the right choice! Honestly, if people only realized what organic, handmade toppers were truly like, there would be a stampede! Every morning I pull the covers down and punch around the area a bit and it's all ready to go for that night! I have been a big fan of natural with pillows and silk covers, but never realized the significant difference between GOTS White Lotus Home toppers and the Big Box Store manufactured "stuff".
December 07, 2021
I purchased this wool topper in Double Extra, to add on top of my cotton futon mattress for extra comfort. I highly recommend this product, for both quality and comfort! As someone with chronic pain, back problems, and a missing limb, this topper has added extreme comfort for sleep. Frequently, like 5 out of 7 nights my back decompresses before morning. This I attribute to the way the loft of the wool supports my body different than any other material. I use wool prosthetic socks for the same reason, they cushion unlike any fiber out there! If you are a sufferer of chronic pain, and struggle to get the right support when you sleep, this wool is like sleeping on a cloud! You have got to try it to believe it. I am so overjoyed with my purchases from white lotus home goods, and their customer service is top notch!
Lynn W (Raymondville, Texas)
December 20, 2019
I love the wool since it keeps its shape better than feather. Having to get used to the odor that comes with wool, but not a problem.
Shelli B (Round Rock, Texas)
June 28, 2019
Robert P (Anderson, Indiana)
June 26, 2019
I use the product on top of my mattress, where else? I would recommend the product to anyone who cared about my opinion. The quality of the product is fine. I have no complaints.
Ruth-Ann B (North Brunswick Township, NJ)
February 09, 2018
This is on my son's organic bed from White Lotus Home. As he grew, his taste changed and he wanted a softer surface. Makes him feel so good. He loves it!
Jan P (Alta, Wyoming)
February 09, 2018
I ordered a futon. I would recommend the company and their products to family and friends. The quality is outstanding.
Can we get samples of your materials? If so, what charges, if any?
Sure, please send us your address. They are totally free :)
How do the wool topper and latex topper compare relative to long-term wear? Do they both maintain their "fluff"?
Thank you for your inquiry.
The latex topper and wool topper are constructed a bit differently due to the form of the fibers. The latex topper consists of a 2" natural latex core wrapped in a thin outer layer of pure wool. The natural latex has a springy feel and contours against your body when you lay on it. It is then encased in an organic cotton sateen fabric.

The wool topper consists of pure wool layered on top of each other. The topper is tufted so that the fibers do not shift and you also have the option of an organic twill outer casing. This topper can be made at a 1.5-2" thickness or a 3-4" thickness.

While the latex topper has a springier feel, the wool topper feels more like a large pillow. The latex topper does not compress over time, where you will need to fluff up your wool topper ever so often. They are both great additions to any sleeping surface.

We hope this is helpful and do let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for choosing White Lotus Home!
Sales and Customer Service Department
Direct: 732-828-2111
Hi, I would like to know what type of wool you are using?
Our wool is sourced from a reputable company from the west coast. It is 100% pure wool.
Hi is the wool produced using any chemical treatments and if so what are these treatments? thank you
Thank you for your question!

The wool used in our products do not contain any added chemicals.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

White Lotus Home

Thank you for choosing White Lotus Home!
Sales and Customer Service Department
Direct: 732-828-2111

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