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2022-08-07 10:00:02

Outstanding group with which to work. Tickled pink with our new stows and pillow, sleeping MUCH better.

2022-08-07 05:00:01

Customer service was outstanding. The product is better than described. We will definitely recommend WhiteLotus to others for any bedding products. Thank you!

2022-08-03 09:00:03

Amazing pillow and amazing service!

2022-07-21 12:00:02

I was very satisfied with the order procedure, *** was very helpful in choosing the right mattresses for my customer, the samples sent helped them to get what they needed. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a quality mattress.

2022-07-20 20:00:04

We are delighted with the two stows we ordered, in queen size. We ordered a firm stow and a softer stow and layered them, to create our queen-size bed. The combination is working out really well, VERY supportive but oh-so-delightfully luxurious! They are unwieldy to turn or otherwise maneuver, but we think they will be well worth the effort. We have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of our sleep in just the first week. Thank you Team White Lotus!

2022-07-19 16:45:02

I genuinely love WLH because of your commitment to high quality, chemical free items. Thank you!

2022-07-12 23:15:02

Wonderful, luxurious pillows. Great size and more fill than most others I found in my search.

2022-07-12 03:00:01


2022-07-11 19:45:01

Everything went smoothly - got a special order of pillow cases (like them ** than the average size) - and I love them. No more struggling get a pillow in the case). Good quality organic cotton. Thank you your help.

2022-07-11 16:15:01

I did not use customer support, but the procedure was very easy! I would recommend White Lotus to others!

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