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Our History, Our Process, Our Promise: A collection of videos about White Lotus Home and our Handmade products.


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2024-07-16 16:53:40

I can't suggest any improvements at this time

2024-07-13 10:31:29

Thank you very much White Lotus Home team! The team members I spoke with were very helpful, & answered all of my questions. The product samples I received (including samples of fabrics, pillows, & a mattress) are of very high quality & workmanship. Your website helped a lot as well, as it contains very thorough information about your products, services, shipping (both domestically & internationally), & more. I would highly recommend your company & products to others! Thank you very much in helping people, especially those with multiple chemical sensitivities, to have healthy, eco-friendly products & accomanying services!

2024-07-03 15:28:10

I have purchased many things from White Lotus. They are beautifully and skillfully made and a pleasure to use.

2024-07-02 18:47:23

A great, high-quality product!

2024-06-16 22:02:39

Very nice handmade flower decorations. Very nice free sample I got from White Lotus . I highly recommend White Lotus

2024-06-05 01:32:37

great product, service and prices, have been ordering for years

2024-06-03 19:32:38

high quality pillow

2024-05-28 03:24:39

I absolutely love my organic pillow and the customer service is excellent!

2024-05-27 15:24:38

Fantastic pillows! I love the body pillow and contour pillow.

2024-05-18 18:56:40

Always perfect

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