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How Are Orders Handled?


It’s hard to believe what we are all experiencing, sending prayers your way 🙏.

Our White Lotus Home family extends prayers and warm wishes to you and your families during this difficult time we are all going through. We wanted to take a moment to share the extra steps we are taking to service our customers that still need safe and non-toxic mattresses and bedding, plus how we are currently manufacturing new orders.

We are following the guidance of global health experts at WHO and U.S. CDC on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus including the following:

  • Any employee that shows any signs of illness, is asked to please go home. They will be using sick days and we are working on offering more paid days off as soon as we get new financial assistance. Thankfully, none of our crew members has had to go home due to illness.
  • Our staff is following all the frequent hand washing protocols. We are cleaning and disinfecting our entire facility daily, including but not limited to cleaning all door handles inside and out, bathrooms and kitchen, all sewing machines and areas of handcrafting, every handcrafter is now working in their own separate room.
  • Once each product has been handcrafted, they are properly sealed in a bag (or paper wrapped if you prefer).  For orders shipping via UPS, FedEx or USPS, the already sealed order is placed inside a brand new box

In order to reduce exposure from the time your order is handmade in our NJ facility until the time it enters your home: 

  • When your order arrives, you can remove and discard/recycle the box before you bring the bagged product(s) into your home.  
  • We do all of our own White Glove Deliveries within 150 miles, but from now until further notice, we will not be able to enter your home.  All deliveries will be curbside. We use brand new vehicles that have ONLY been used for White Lotus Home products. Again, the products are delivered in a sealed bag, but we are adding a second bag so that when we deliver it, we/you can remove the outer bag, dispose/recycle it before bringing the mattress into your home. 
  • Prefer to HOLD YOUR ORDER? We can keep your order in our private warehouse for up to 3 weeks before you pick it up, we ship it or hand deliver it.

Our customer service hours will remain at 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday, by calling 732-828-2111, and Manufacturing & Logistics will continue to run. Our White Lotus Home Showroom is closed and Private Appointments are no longer available, for now.    

Need help selecting your next White Lotus Home product?  Check out our very informative YouTube videos and the guides on our Natural Blog.

NOW you can also visit us VIRTUALLY. 

We put together quick info videos of our different mattress options, we are also working on our pillow and bedding selections, so more to come soon!

You can also TEXT us as 732-352-3628 or email info@whitelotushome.com with any questions. We can also set up LIVE VIDEO CALLS with an organic bedding professional if that would work better for you.

Many of you have been impressed with how we handcraft organic and natural mattresses, pillows and bedding in the safest environment possible. We hope these extra steps reinforce what we have been doing since 1981.  


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