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The Vote was unanimous! Find out which Pillow won 🏆 here!! 🌱💤

 Rainforest Giants, Tiny Seeds,

& Your Sleep 💤

Deep in the rainforests of the world and scattered throughout subtropical regions, you will find some very special massive trees that tower up to 20 stories high. 😲

Some live to be well over 100 years old, and although they are giant, they’re especially gentle!  🌲

This special tree is the Kapok Tree, and her seed pods which are between 3 and 6 inches long, contain up to 200 of the fluffiest little seeds you’ve ever seen! 

These fluffy little seeds not only hold the genetic materials for growing another giant Kapok tree, they also hold the secret to a restful night’s sleep! 💤

As you may already know, White Lotus Home is a small, family owned business. Each of the WLH family members was recently asked what their favorite pillows were, and every single one of them responded with “Kapok!”, and here’s what they each said about why: 

🛌 George's Allergy-Free Dream 🛌

George found relief with his Kapok Pillow saying, 

It helped with my allergies, and I like how comfortable it is. I could never get comfortable on conventional pillows.” 

😌 Veronika's Neck Pain Relief 😌

Our Veronika found her neck pain's kryptonite in the Kapok Pillow saying,

With conventional pillows, I had many knots in my neck and I always spent so much time tossing and turning to get myself in a comfortable position. Not only does the Kapok Pillow provide perfect support for me, but it also ensures temperature control throughout the night so I stay comfortable and don’t wake up too hot.”

🌛 Marlon's Side Sleeper Solution 🌛

White Lotus Home’s President, Marlon, shared his Kapok Pillow love saying, 

I love our Kapok Sleeping Pillows!! I'm a big time side sleeper. It works great for that, and also when I lay on my back. Before switching to Kapok, I didn’t know what I was missing and how I was making myself sick every time I used a conventional pillow. 

This is why I take one or two with me every time I travel. I used to be allergic to so many things, and almost 20 years later I only have some seasonal allergies. The KaPillow and Kapok body pillows are superb, but nothing beats taking a Kapok Pillow on the Road!!” 

💤 Elizabeth's Side & Stomach Sleeper's Haven 💤

Elizabeth found her perfect pillow with Kapok saying,  

“It’s hard to remember a time without WLH pillows, but for the most part I feel conventional pillows were never supportive enough. I would need to purchase multiple pillows to get the best support, and it would never meet my final comfort needs. With the Kapok Pillow, the medium fill is soft but supportive and just the best option for me as a side & stomach sleeper. ”

🌟 Find Your Perfect Pillow & Experience the Difference! 🌟

Our little family has found solutions to so many problems with our Kapok pillows. How might these fluffy little seeds help you? Order yours today and find out! We know you’re going to love it. 😎  

How to make your Kapok Pillow LAST!

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6 Ways an All-Natural Duvet will Change Your Night🌙

6 Ways an All-Natural Duvet

will Change Your Night🌙

We talk a lot about the importance of sleeping on a natural mattress here at White Lotus Home, but we certainly understand how that can be a big investment for many people. 

If making a NEW mattress upgrade feels daunting, you can always start small by switching to natural bedding, pillows, or a duvet first, because the truth is… Sleeping under natural materials can be just as transformative as sleeping on them! 

Here are 6 Ways a Natural Duvet can help change your night for the better:

Stop the sweat:

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night too hot and sweaty, switching to a natural duvet can help. When compared to common synthetic fibers, natural materials are more breathable, allowing for better airflow, and they work to wick moisture away from the body rather than becoming sticky. 

Stay comfortable year round:

Natural materials help regulate body temperature, keeping you comfortable all night long even as the seasons change. Whether it’s peak summer or a cold winter night, a natural duvet is a good choice.

Get higher quality sleep:

Quality sleep is important because it’s the only time your body and brain have to repair, restore, and regenerate new cells. Choosing natural cotton and wool bedding that keeps you comfortable all night long can help ensure that your nights are not disrupted, giving you deeper, more restorative sleep.

Breathe cleaner air all night long:

Not only does natural bedding help regulate temperature, it also reduces the amount of toxins in your bedroom. Synthetic duvets and covers are often made with artificial chemicals like fire retardants, which can trigger asthma and cause discomfort. Natural bedding is kind to the skin and non-toxic.

Repel sleep disrupting allergens: 

A good choice for people with asthma, some natural materials, like wool, are naturally antibacterial and anti-allergenic, particularly resistant to common allergens like dust-mites. 

Sleep better knowing you made a more sustainable choice:

Since they’re biodegradable and require fewer resources to grow and process, wool and cotton duvets are more sustainable than their synthetic counterparts. These natural fibers are also highly durable and long-lasting, which reduces the amount of fabric thrown away into landfills over time. 

With a natural duvet or cover, you’ll sleep better knowing you made the best choice for your own health and the health of our Mother Earth! 

REMINDER!: You can sleep safe 😴 now and pay 🤑 later with these flexible payment options!

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We believe that we can make a difference in the green and organic bedding industry by setting an example for others. We believe that quality and fair value are more important than low prices and a quick profit. We are opposed to the exploitation of the planet and all its inhabitants. Above all, our people, products and business practices are socially, politically and environmentally responsible.