Hero Deals

Thank you so much for thinking of others and choosing to Save The Earth While You Sleep.

That’s a “Green Hero” move so here is $100 you can use today to start your journey and know that we are here as a guide, to help you in your journey! 

We also have a few payment options and accept bartering!

When you choose White Lotus Home, you’re taking action to Save The Earth While You Sleep!

You’re a hero in our book, and our whole team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

If you plan on creating or updating your own White Lotus Home, here is $100 OFF your next $299 or more order, just for you!  Please drop your email below and we will send you a code to take $100 Off on your next $299 or more purchase.  


The most important investment to your health is a cleaner & healthier sleep. 

There are many harmful chemicals in standard mattresses, pillows, and bedding and this is why we want to help you create your own White Lotus Home.
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