White Lotus Home FREE Fiber and Fabric Samples

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FREE Natural Fibers
WLH A - 100% Cotton Twill Fabric
WLH B - 100% Organic Cotton Twill Fabric
WLH E - Organic Cotton Sateen
WLH D - Organic Cotton Sateen - natural
WLH C - Organic Barrier Cloth Fabric - natural

For those who do not live near our showroom, we offer both FREE samples and paid samples of everything we handcraft in the USA. 

White Lotus Home understands how challenging it can be for our customers to make a decision without seeing, feeling, smelling or otherwise testing our organic products. 

We send these out all the time and know that it makes it easier for our customers to make a better natural bedding decision.

Please note that no samples can be provided of furniture.

Natural and Organic Samples

The following samples are available free of charge:
  1. Our fabrics:  Complimentary swatches are available of all fabrics.  Fabric sample size: 3x3 inches
  2. Raw Fibers: Free, individually bagged samples of the organic and natural fibers used to make mattresses, pillows and bedding. 
    • 100% USDA Organic Cotton
    • Green Cotton
    • Virgin Wool
    • Kapok
    • Organic Buckwheat
    • Natural Latex
All these fibers and fabrics contain no added chemicals or flame retardants (the exception being the Green Cotton with Borate Powder).  Each fiber will be individually bagged and labeled with full descriptions. Wholesale fibers are available in for purchase.

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Computer screens do not do fabric colors justice so an actual sample in your own home is priceless..\n
It’s nice to be able to sample products before you buy them.