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It breathes well to regulate temperature, wicks away moisture, prevents dust mites, and acts as a natural fire retardant. 

What is this miracle material? Nothing more than un-dyed, untreated, virgin lamb’s wool!  Our wool is washed with a mild detergent but contains no chemical treatments—a perfect material for bedding. Those with allergies are quick to pick wool, as the fiber itself is naturally dust-mite resistant. Our pure, virgin wool is soft, resilient, and naturally regulates body temperature. Wool is slightly softer than cotton and will grow slightly firmer over time, making it a very popular choice for pillows and toppers.  

Wool from Happy Sheep!

Traceable, Farm to Market Wool from Happy Sheep in NZ 

When you purchase any White Lotus Home wool product or bulk wool fibers, you can rest assured you're receiving a high quality product you can trust. Grown in New Zealand from free range, pasture-fed sheep, then processed right here in the USA, all of our wool is scoured using only gentle NPEO-free detergents without bleach. It then goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure its integrity.

Best for hot/sweaty sleepers who want a soft, fluffy pillowtopper, or duvet. Also a good fit for people with allergies.

🌥 Medium softness/firmness

🌱 Naturally antimicrobial & dust mite resistant

🌤 Comfortable year-round, from the cold of winter to the heat of summer months

🌿 Can be Easily Encased in soft, smooth, luxurious organic Sateen Cotton

🐑 Wool from ethically raised sheep

👌 You can use this to Hand-stuff your own pillow to avoid lumps & customizable so you can find the perfect firmness

💧 Naturally flame retardant - no chemicals here

The unrolled dimensions of our batting depends on how the fiber has arrived on that particular batch but it is about 2 inches thick most of the time and the king-size piece of batting measures approximately 80x80x2 inches. We mention approximately because as you can imagine, our cotton and wool batting is very flexible, and sometimes, some areas may weigh a little more or less. If you prefer, we can weigh a new batt from the most recent delivery, before you make a purchase... The king size batts are about 4.5 to 5 lbs each!

SAMPLE Question: I want 10 pounds of wool/cotton batting, I know it is 80" x 2" but how long?

Howdy! Great questions! The wool and cotton arrive 80 inches wide but the cotton arrives in king size batts (80x80x2 inches each) and the Wool arrives in rolls that are very long. Over 25 yards on some rolls, however, 80x80x2 would be about 4.5 lbs, so for 10 pounds, you would get about 200x80x2. 

Here is some additional info from our wool provider.

Used in: Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows, and Duvets

The more you buy, the more you SAVE.  EMAIL us for large bulk fiber orders: info@whitelotushome.com or call us at 732-828-2111.



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Michelle E (Denton, Texas)
June 26, 2019
So nice to have a natural stuffing.
Estelle A (New York, New York)
February 09, 2018
Very good quality, used for matress.
Howdy! What are the unrolled dimensions of your 10 lb. wool batting? I mean, it's 80" x 2" by how long? Thanx!

Great questions and we are going to do something about that so that it is easier to tell on our site. The wool comes 80 inches thick and the rolls are very long. Over 25 yards on some rolls, however 80x80 would be about 4 lbs, so for 10 pounds you would get about 220x80x2. I have to add the word ABOUT, because as you can imagine, our wool and other batting is very flexible and sometimes areas may weight a little more or less. We did just checked our current batch and these numbers are pretty good. Thanks again for choosing White Lotus Home and for this great question. Marlon
Can this be washed in home washer if used as a pillow/cushion?
Sorry, it is not recommended to wash any of our pure or organic fibers. The wool will take a very, very long time to dry and it will get pretty stiff. The best way to care for it would be to: Refreshing Pillows & Duvets

Some fibers, particularly kapok, can absorb the natural oils that keep our face and skin healthy. To restore loft and fluffiness, pillows may be placed in the dryer on the "Cold Air/ Fluff" setting for 15 to 20 minutes. Specially-designed wool dryer balls or clean tennis balls can aid in fluffing the inner fibers. To prevent any damage to the inner fibers, never use a heated setting.

Thank you! Marlon
How thick is the batting?
It is about 2 inches fluffy. Thanks!
What form does this come in? Batting or loose? If batting, what is the size?
It comes in batting rolls that are a little over 80 inches wide and as long as 20 or so feet.

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