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Nothing compares to kapok. Softer and lighter than down, perfectly compressible for pillows, and naturally harvested from the Ceiba tree, kapok is the ideal filling for a pillow. Kapok is harvested from seed pods that are dropped from trees in tropical rain forest regions, meaning your purchase of kapok is helping to preserve the life of a tree and encourage local economies in Indonesia and other tropical regions. 

Almost no work is required to turn the raw material into bedding fiber: it's manually picked clean, spun, and sent to us! If you like clean and sustainable products, you'll love kapok. And if you love soft pillows, you'll settle for nothing else.

Used in: Pillows and meditation zafus

The more you buy, the more you SAVE.  EMAIL us for large bulk fiber orders: info@whitelotushome.com or call us at 732-828-2111.


  • Kapok fibers were in the all-natural life preservers used by G.I.s in World War II.
  • In the 1920, explorers conquering Mt. Everest typically wore high-altitude boots with kapok insulation, leather outers, gaiters and crampons
  • Kapok fibers are one eight (0.08) the weight of cotton.
  • Kapok was one of the first ancient non-food plants cultivated across Southeast Asia.
  • Kapok was routinely used for pillows before goose down; Kapok is Retro Green.
    • In theory, as the down moults naturally, the birds shouldn't mind if it’s taken. The reality: goose down is the byproduct of keeping millions of birds around the world in cages, the lion’s share before they are slaughtered for cheap meat, or foie gras.  Therefore, buying down products carries the high risk of making you complicit in this industry. 
  • Kapok is a vegetable down. It’s been used for years in maritime industry because of its buoyancy.  In the 1940s, all sorts of items - life belts, seating cushions, mattresses — were filled with Kapok, which is water repellant and enables it to keep afloat from 30 to 35 times its weight.  Ordinary cork can only support 5 times its weight. — article in Grey River Argus, 16-October 1907, which was published 107 years ago to the day!!!

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I use the Kapok to fill my high end pillows. The fact that it is hypoallergenic is most important to me and my clients. I have pillows that were made 13 years ago and the natural fiber has maintained it’s density and shape. So grateful for a product I can depend on the remain consistent in this ever changing world .
Haven't had a chance to use the material quite yet, but it's so nice feeling / looking. :)
Haven’t used it yet but it will be stuffing for cushions.
I use the product to fill pillows. It keeps its shape and is hypoallergenic. I would recommend it to all designers that want to provide customers with the best natural and sustainable product on the market.
as described
The kapok I ordered is just wonderful! I used it for all my pillows in my home and also made a dog bed for my new puppy! He ran right to the puppy pillow when we brought him home! I was amazed, I thought I would have to show him. Even the cats sleep on it. They are getting thier own pillows too! It is very fluffy to work with. I recommend goggles, it does get in your eyes otherwise.
The product is fine.
made excellent Zafus!
Great for yoga pillows
Bought this to make my own pillows, it's very soft and down like, we love our new pillows!
The kapok was extremely soft and fluffy - even nicer than anticipated. It's a little messy to use and sticks all over, probably would have been smart to do outside. But not that big of a deal. Used to make pillows with organic covers. Would definitely buy again!
Very pleased in the quality of this kapok fiber. My sizable order was packaged conveniently and was slightly over the amount I ordered. So refreshing to be dealing with an ethical company. Thank you!
I use this product as nesting materials for hummingbirds
I am using kapok to make pillow inserts. I find it very down-like and the best part is no animals are harmed, the resource is renewable and sustainable!\n
The quality of the Kapok is amazing!
To stuff zFUA.
The bulk kapok was great to make a fit mattress topper and to stuff throw pillows. It is so soft and nice to work with. The box is huge and was delivered quickly.
Great price for a quality product. Shipping and communication with the seller store was quick and helpful.
Came in a timely manner.
Good costumer service, fast shipping and the fiber is good quality. It comes compacted in a vacuumed bag and in a fairly small box, which is very convenient for storage.
Where is this kapok grown?
Hello, we get our Kapok mainly from Southeast Asia, like Indonesia. Thanks!
How often do you recommend replacing the kapok in a pillow? I bought some from you probably a year or so ago -- is it time to replace the fill entirely or just add to it? The fill has been in a sealed pillow that has been covered by a pillow case (so two layers of cover). I'd like to take advantage of your great sale but am trying to decide how much kapok I need -- do I replace entirely or just add to the existing fill? Thanks!
Hello, It really depends on the current condition of the pillow. If it feels to you it can use some more fill, feel free to go ahead and add some more and see how that feels. Our minimum is 5 lbs which one standard pillow can be filled with about 2.5 lbs. If you have further questions, email us at info@whitelotushome.com or call 732-828-2111.

Thank you,
Hello, Is the kapok you sell organic? Thanks!

Thank you for your inquiry,

No, the Kapok we sell is not certified organic.

If you have further questions, please call us at 877-426-3623.

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