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This buckwheat is the hull (or shell) of a buckwheat seed. 

When bundled together, buckwheat makes for a bean-bag-like pillow that conforms to your head and neck while you're sleeping. In addition to being good for aligning your upper vertebrae, buckwheat allows for easy airflow to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. 

We normally recommend buckwheat for people looking for a pillow that stays pretty supportive and does not have much give. Many of our customers come to us looking specifically for buckwheat pillows because once you've tried one it's hard to accept anything else!

Buckwheat hulls are the shells derived from buckwheat plants. Naturally resistant to pests and competitive with weeds, buckwheats are a sustainable crop to grow and require very little input from the land to mature. We source buckwheat hulls to ensure our happy customers never come into contact with pesticides in their pillows.

🌳 Firm & Supportive

💨 Breathable for a cooler night of sleep 

🌾 Made from Sustainably Grown Buckwheat

🌱 Hypoallergenic & Eco-Friendly

🌤 Comfortable year-round, especially during summer months 

Used in: Pillows and meditation zafus

The more you buy, the more you SAVE.  EMAIL us for large bulk fiber orders: info@whitelotushome.com or call us at 732-828-2111.


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Trevor S (Sunrise, Florida)
March 18, 2021
Product was good. Cold go been packaged in more manageable way tho.
Andrea T (Newark, Delaware)
March 09, 2021
Used for beanbag chair and additional fill for some older pillows
Monika K (St. Petersburg, Florida)
February 21, 2021
The Buckwheat is used as a bed pillow filler and I recommend it to anyone who has issues with their neck when sleeping.
Steve C (Benson, Vermont)
November 14, 2020
I use these hulls for many projects - stuffing for pillows, handmade microwave heating pads, etc. I recommend these buckwheat hulls for anyone looking for some!
Virginia O (Fredericksburg, Texas)
September 22, 2020
The product was well packaged I used it to fill a Zabuka, a cushion for meditation. I would recommend to other "sitters" for long periods as it seems to give good firm support. The cushion was made for my daughter who says she loves it.
Olga J (BROOKLYN, New York)
December 03, 2019
This product is filling for bean bags.
Jinyan M (Glastonbury, Connecticut)
February 09, 2018
Fast delivery!
Darwin H (Carrboro, North Carolina)
February 09, 2018
Good quality. Highly recommended for re-filling older pillows or your own cases.
Virginia M (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
February 09, 2018
the quality of the product is very good and organic. I would recommend it to anyone who was making items for their home themselves or making items to sell as a business
Hello, where are your buckwheat hulls grown and processed? Thanks!
Hello Krista,

It is all grown and processed in the USA and we keep it all in New Brunswick, NJ. Thank you!
Are you buckwheat hulls organic? Do you offer wholesale options for buckwheat hulls?
Hello, No, our buckwheat is not organic. We do have our buckwheat priced for wholesale rates, the more you buy the better the cost per lb. If there are quantities you need that is not listed, please email us at info@whitelotushome.com for a better quote. All pricing includes FREE US shipping.
Are these hulls whole?
They are already split in half, so they fill up any items good the first time around. We can send you free samples. Thanks, Marlon
Hi, Do you ship to Hawaii? I am interested in 100 lbs buckwheat hulls. Thank you, Kim Abundant Life Natural Foods Hilo,Hi. 96720

Yes, we do ship to HAWAII for an additional fee.

100 lbs of Buckwheat going to that ZIPCODE 96720 would cost $100-$125. Once we have an exact full address we can provide you with a better quote. Let us know if you have further questions.
How does your vendor keep the hulls insect-free?
We have never had an issue with the presence of outside pests within the buckwheat, especially since they undergo the air-jet process. There are no herbicides or pesticides used to guarantee the destruction of any outside elements or pests.
Are the hulls roasted?
They are not roasted; they are only the buckwheat hulls.

How is dust removed from hulls?
The Buckwheat Hulls that White Lotus Home carries, are cleaned using powerful air jet technology that intends to blow out any dirt or debris, they are not fumigated using chemicals.
Are your bulk buckwheat hulls flattened? I don't see any description of the hulls and wanted to make sure they were intact not flat before purchasing. Thanks!
Our buckwheat hulls are not pre-flattened.
how much volume does 5 pounds fill?

Here are some Pillow Sizes & Weights: Organic Buckwheat that can help give you an idea.

As all White Lotus Home products are unique, listed weights are approximate.

PillowSizeWeightExterior Case
Neckroll17 x 4" (round)2.5 lbs.Organic Cotton Twill
Somerset40 x 4" (round)5 lbs.Organic Cotton Twill
Organic Buckwheat Travel Pillow12 x 16"2.5 lbs.Organic Cotton Twill
16 x 19" Organic Buckwheat Sleep Pillow16 x 19"5 lbs.Organic Cotton Twill
Standard Organic Buckwheat Sleep Pillow20 x 26"8 lbs.Organic Cotton Twill
Queen Organic Buckwheat Sleep Pillow20 x 30"13 lbs.Organic Cotton Twill
King Organic Buckwheat Sleep Pillow20 x 36"15 lbs.Organic Cotton Twill

Thank you!

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