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Wholesale Green Cotton

All our cotton is grown and aggregated in the United States, and even though it is raised with traditional agriculture methods, our local green cotton is pre-rinsed and manually cleaned before it arrives. We call this cotton "green" because it is growing in the USA, there are no dyes, perfumes, or fire retardants added to it after it is harvested.  
Each 80x80x2 inch, 10 pound layer of green cotton batting in a mattress, gives you a firm sleeping surface that is soft enough to absorb your body and cradle you while you sleep. In pillows and duvets, cotton gives you a material that is firmer than wool.  This green cotton fiber we use is ideal for garneting into layers for mattresses and toppers or pillow stuffing or bulk sales. Green cotton is slightly firmer than organic cotton, and there's plenty to feel good about!

Green Cotton

🌥 Medium softness/firmness

🌾Stuffed with US grown Cotton

🌱100% Vegan, Natural, & Biodegradable 

👶 Safe for sensitive skin

👌 Hand-stuffed to avoid lumps & customizable so you can find the perfect firmness

What Is Green Cotton?

A more affordable option to our organic cotton products, our Green Cotton is grown in the United States — it just isn’t certified organic.

This more affordable material is slightly firmer than organic cotton, but the real beauty is in what it doesn’t have:

  • NO dyes

  • NO perfumes

  • NO flame retardants

Grown by farmers right here in the US, Green Cotton is a fabulous cost-saving material that doesn’t put you in contact with harmful chemicals typically found in conventional cotton.


Used in: Mattresses, Toppers, Duvets, and Pillows

This Green Cotton is from Texas.

The more you buy, the more you SAVE. EMAIL us for large bulk fiber orders: info@whitelotushome.com or call us at 732-828-2111.


The unrolled dimensions of our batting depend on how the fiber has arrived on that particular batch but it is about 2 inches thick most of the time and the king-size piece of batting measures approximately 80x80x2 inches. We mention approximately because as you can imagine, our cotton and wool batting is very flexible, and sometimes, some areas may weigh a little more or less. If you prefer, we can weigh a new batt from the most recent delivery, before you make a purchase... The king-size batts are about 4.5 to 5 lbs each!

SAMPLE Question: I want 10 pounds of wool/cotton batting, I know it is 80" x 2" but how long?

Howdy! Great questions! The wool and cotton arrive 80 inches wide but the cotton arrives in king-size batts (80x80x2 inches each) and the Wool arrives in very long rolls. Over 25 yards on some rolls, however, 80x80x2 would be about 4.5 lbs, so for 10 pounds, you would get about 200x80x2. 

Fibers & Fabrics:  NO RETURNS

Dear friends, due to the nature of our business and the many folks with chemical and allergic sensitivities using our products, we can not accept any returns on Raw Fibers or Fabrics.  Please try and be 150% sure before you make a final Fibers or Fabric purchase. If you need a sample, please ask and we will send you free samples. No refunds or returns are accepted on any Fibers of Fabrics orders. There is no exception to this rule, please call, email, or text your questions, we are here to help. 
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Laura K (Jacksonville, FL)
April 17, 2024
Quality stuff from White Lotus Home.
Evangeline J (Hennessey, OK)
May 09, 2022
Pillow stuffing
Minh T (San Jose, CA)
December 29, 2021
fill pillows Fiends good
Vienna A (Warwick, New York)
April 18, 2021
I sleep on the healthiest pillow every night. I take comfort in knowing that their products are not made with toxic materials. Their craftsmanship and the use of quality materials is impressive. I recommend this amazing company 100%
Brianna L
February 23, 2019
I bought 25 pounds of this green cotton fiber to make a “bean”bag chair with for my son. I was trying the avoid the toxic fumes off-gased from the traditional styrofoam fill. This product had a nice clean natural scent and was super comfy. My son loves his beanbag chair!
I bought the green cotton and found it has a lot of seeds or debris if you call it that. Can i wash this before stuffing it in the pillow case? It’s a lot of work to pick it by hand. Thank you. Lin
Hi there Lin!

Yes, green cotton does arrive with some of its own seeds and twigs but know that they are all part of the actual cotton. Not to be confused with non-cotton debris. When we hand make pillows using this cotton we never spend too much time removing any of these small particles and we never have had any complaints from other users due to this. We would not recommend washing it at all as it is going to be very difficult to dry up and when you try and dry it up in can clump up and not be easy to use anymore. If you prefer, please send me a picture of what you are referring so that we can reconfirm that you received exactly what you order. info@whitelotushome.com

Thanks again for your feedback! Marlon
Hi, I want to order non toxic pillows for my family. It looks like I can only afford your Green Cotton pillows. But I never heard of green cotton before! Are they non toxic pillows? Thank you, Acaci
Our Green Cotton is conventionally grown cotton, while we do not have any control over what is used during its growing process, it does not have any added chemicals or fire retardants. We use this wonderful cotton, for our Mattress, Pillows, and Duvets. Nothing we sell or handcraft would be considered toxic as we use only natural or organic materials and fibers for our products. Feel free to sign up for our future news releases to be alert of any offers.
Hi, How many sofa pillows would 5# of cotton, kapok or latex fill? Thanks, Fanny
Hi Fanny,

Please try to review our FAQs and there you can see all the approximate weights of our different decorative pillow inserts. https://www.whitelotushome.com/faq/#6e3cf807-dbfb-e511-ae3b-002590d0ccf1

If you do not find what you need there, please do email at info@whitelotushome.com or call us at 732-828-2111.

Thank you,
White Lotus Home
Wholesale Green Cotton

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