Buckwheat Hulls Eye Pillow with Ties

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  • Buckwheat Hulls Eye Pillow 9.5 x 4
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WLH E - GOTS Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric
WLH W - GOTS Organic Cotton Waterproof Fabric

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Ready to Get Better Sleep & Kick up Your Self-Care?

Buckwheat Hulls Eye Pillow in GOTS Organic Case with Ties - Size 9.5" x 4"  

โ€‹Rest your eyes healthier, with eye pillows that are handmade in the USA, using GOTS Certified Organic cotton sateen fabrics in many awesome colors on the outside. 
The inside is filled with pure clean US Grown Buckwheat Hulls. They include a zipper so that you can later remove or add more fill as you wish! 

These also come in an organic waterproof natural color fabric.   โ€‹Here is how we can help when it is time to refill it!  โ€‹Why use organic GOTS certified fabrics? To avoid putting harsh chemicals around or on your eyes. 

The Secret’s in the Stuffing. 
Did you know that you can put any WLH Buckwheat Pillow (we are not suggesting buckwheat hulls from other companies) in the dryer for 3-5 minutes for a warm, relaxing sleep surface? Our smaller buckwheat hull pillows can even be placed in the microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes, and then used to soothe your neck, sore muscles, or other body areas that may need a little extra care. 

The same will work with our Eye Pillows! Filled with pure, natural US buckwheat hulls, you can place your WLH Eye Pillow in the refrigerator or freezer for cooling comfort on a hot day, or heat it up in the microwave or dryer for therapeutic warmth.

Our Eye Pillows will not only keep any artificial light from reaching your eyes, they can also be heated or cooled for an extra relaxing experience! 

Why Use An Eye Pillow?
Exposure to light while sleeping can interrupt your body’s natural sleep cycles. This is because artificial light suppresses melatonin, which is your body’s natural sleep-inducing hormone. 

To make matters worse, not having enough melatonin can lead to more chronic sleep issues or disorders, like insomnia.

Eye pillow to the rescue! An eye pillow can:

  • Block out artificial light that may prevent you from falling asleep,

  • Help improve your overall quality of sleep by keeping light out of your eyes all night long,

  • Provide a calming effect that may help you fall asleep faster,

  • And provide a soothing feeling on the face and eyes by applying gentle pressure, warmth, or coolness!  

Small but powerful, these tiny pillows have a LOT to offer! 

Why Ties on my Eye Pillows? 
You may want to be able to adjust and keep on your eyes when sleeping but prefer not to have any elastic on your face. So, these ties are handmade with the same cool GOTS Organic Certified Fabric to match! 

US Buckwheat hulls are shells derived from buckwheat plants. Naturally resistant to pests and competitive with weeds, buckwheats are a sustainable crop to grow and require very little input from the land to mature. We source buckwheat hulls to ensure our happy customers never come into contact with pesticides in their pillows.
๐ŸŒณ Firm & Supportive  |  ๐ŸŒพ Made from Sustainably Grown Buckwheat  |  ๐ŸŒฑ Hypoallergenic & Eco-Friendly  |  ๐ŸŒค Comfortable year-round, especially during summer months 

Oh So Silky, Organic Cotton Sateen  
With a smoother, sleeker finish than our standard Certified Organic Cotton fabrics, this Organic Cotton Sateen is every bit as sustainable and healthy as organic cotton, and a whole lot softer.  The Organic Cotton Sateen fabric used in this product is GOTS Certified and Imported from Pakistan.

The waterproof organic fabric is made of 2 layers of 100% organic cotton knit with a 1mil non-GMO bio-based TPU film sandwiched between the layers. This cornstarch-derived, biodegradable film makes the protector waterproof and protects against spills and stains, plus it is approved by GOTS and meets the GreenGuard Gold Standard.  Only available in natural color.

The casing is washable in cold water, line dry. 

Made in the USA by Happy Hands 
Like all of our products, our eye pillows are made right here in the US, so you can always feel good about knowing you’re buying from us.

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Buckwheat Hulls Eye Pillow with Ties

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