FUTON & MATTRESS COVERS in Cotton Twill Fabric - WLH A


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WLH A - 100% Cotton Twill Fabric

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Beautiful handmade in the USA, natural 100% Cotton fabrics and cases, by White Lotus Home!

PLEASE keep in mind that since our futon/mattresses are flexible, we purposely make our covers one inch shorter than the actual White Lotus Home style futon/mattress height. This allows the natural fabrics to create a nice and cozy fit. If you prefer the covers to be exactly a certain height, let us know and we can make that happen for you. 

  • The "A" Fabrics by White Lotus Home are 100% Cotton Twill Fabrics
  • Soft feel, designed for pillows, cushions, and futon covers
  • Great for custom cushions and custom pillows too 
  • COVERS: All covers are made in the USA and include a zipper on three sides
  • CARE: 100% Cotton Covers are washable in cold water and low HEAT, or Air dry is highly recommended
  • Some samples are available by request.


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Kevin M (El Cajon, CA)
March 02, 2024
I purchased this mattress cover which is made out of cotton twill fabric. I did not purchase this cover to put my mattress inside of it. Instead, I purchased a very expensive mattress topper from White Lotus and I purchased this cover to completely surround the expensive mattress topper so that I can adjust it on my bed individually/separately from the mattress that I use on my bed. This cover is very easy to wash and it was very easy to dry. We hang our laundry to dry and do not use a dryer and it dried very nicely without becoming stiff or becoming itchy to the touch. The cover looks really great in place and it helps to keep the sheet in place on top of the mattress topper. I definitely prefer that there is a separate cover on top of my mattress topper because it enables me to change it more frequently than the cover on my mattress (which rarely gets changed). It also helps to keep my mattress topper from balling up. The cover is high quality and I have not had any problems with it stretching too far, developing holes, or any other problems with this cover that I've experienced with other mattress covers in the past.
Andrea P (Polson, MT)
February 28, 2024
Great ** choices and durability.
Andrea P (Polson, MT)
January 28, 2024
Great quality and range of colors.
Greta P (Beverly Hills , Michigan)
June 16, 2020
Just the natural cream ** is simple and easy to match with other colors.
Carol K (Highland Park, New Jersey)
February 09, 2018
The fabric outlasted the coushions

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