White Lotus Home Newsletter | January 19, 2018 No more Sleepless Nights! Plus $100 in WLH Bucks!

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Try a Natural Latex Topper!

Why would you need a

Natural Latex Topper?

  1. Main reason: "My mattress is too firm"
  2. Go Green in your bedroom, without investing on a new mattress.
  3. Wish your mattress gave you a cradle like feel? 
  • SOFT SUPPORT - Anyone that wants that soft, spring-like feel on a natural sleeping environment and wants to relieve pressure points, chooses our natural latex toppers.
  • DURABLE: Natural latex lifespan can be up to 15 - 20 years. Our made in the USA, OEKO-TEK Certified Natural Latex provides a soft and bouncy feel without the sharpness or gradual loss of elasticity of springs.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Its open-cell structure lets air move freely, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. 
  • NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC: Latex is resistant to moisture and the buildup of molds and mildews. It also resists dust mites. And while all latex is a man-made material, ours is derived from rubber tree sap and not synthetic elastic. This limits off-gassing and the unnecessary addition of untested chemicals. 
  • NO MOTION TRANSFER: Latex doesn’t transfer motion, meaning if your partner tosses and turns during the night, your sleep won’t be disturbed.

For the next 48 HOURS ONLY!
25% off all Natural Latex Toppers!
Save an additional 5% off by paying by cash or check. Select the pay by check option at checkout, email us or call us to place your order at 732-828-2111.
Offer ends Sunday, January 21st at 9 pm EST.

Natural Latex Mattress & Topper

What does our Natural Latex Topper consist of?

Just 3 natural US made or grown ingredients!

Order by 6 pm on Saturday, January 20th and get a $100 White Lotus Home Gift Card towards a new purchase.

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* LATEXTOP25 25% off offer ends on Sunday, January 21st at 9 pm EST; Extra 5% off applicable to Cash or Check payments, your order will go into production upon receipt of payment. $100 WLH gift card will be sent separately to all on orders placed by Saturday, January 20th at 6 pm EST. Sale offer only valid on natural latex toppers. Offer only valid on new orders and can not be combined with other coupons. Does not apply to third-party offerings including furniture.

White Lotus Home

745 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Ste E
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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