An HBO reports. More found at HERE.

There is no reason to keep living in a home full of these harmful chemicals. White Lotus Home can help you replace any and every piece of bedding, mattress and furnishings in your home, to help you live in a healthier home.

Here an few lines you will find at the above link: Toxic Hot Seat, which airs Monday, Nov. 25, on HBO, is a stark reminder of the dangerous chemical flame retardants embedded in polyurethane foam-based home furnishings (not to mention baby strollers and car seats) that do a better job at causing birth defects and cancers than protecting us from fires. Although the documentary might not cover much new ground for those who’ve been following this matter closely, it’s a handy summary of the issues that humanizes the story via on-camera interviews with key players. And it will certainly make you rethink your next big furniture purchase.

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