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Due to federal regulaon FR1633, effecve July, 1, 2007, all mattress manufacturers are required to use a flame retardant (FR) that passes the required burn time test. This law is intended to increase the escape time for fire victims, which should save hundreds of lives each year. If you find others claiming that they make 100% organic or 100% natural mattresses without the use of an FR, please request details of how they are meetng the FR1633 law. White Lotus Home uses a layer of wool as the FR in all of our Dreamton mattresses.

Further, there is a clause written into this law that permits the manufacture of an FR-free mattress with the receipt of a prescription from a licensed physician. A doctor's prescription must appear on a prescription pad. So long as we have a properly certified request, we can make a mattress with no FR added. Lastly, FR1633 does not apply to any mattress 4 inches thick or less. In accordance with FR1633, White Lotus Home only sells 100% FR-free mattresses after receiving a doctor’s prescription or note. 

As a client of White Lotus Home, I will be responsible for getting a doctor's prescription for clients who request a chemical free mattress without the addition of wool.

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