Cotton Toddler Mattresses


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Toddler mattresses
 are recommended for children 12 months and older, not cribs, as the surface is far softer than a White Lotus Home crib mattress. Both styles generally measure the same length and width to fit snuggly within crib frames, convertible frames, and toddler beds. As your child grows, you also have the option to add a Mattress Topper for a layer of cushion and softness above the density of the crib mattress.

Green Cotton Toddler Mattress ∙  28x54x3.5”  ∙  approximately 18 lbs.

The Green Cotton and Wool Toddler Dreamton Mattress: You can buy a Dreamton style Toddlers Mattress to avoid the need for a doctor's prescription. Our dreamton mattresses have wool as the outermost layer. The wool acts as a natural fire retardant; you do not need a doctor's prescription to order one. This mattress is semi-firm.

The All Cotton Toddler Mattress: This toddler mattress is made of US grown cotton only and it includes a sturdy cotton case. This toddler mattress comes without wool as the natural fire retardant and can only begin production upon receipt of your doctor's prescription. This mattress is semi-firm.  

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Breta N (Hernando, Mississippi)
January 25, 2021
We love all the mattresses that we have purchased. We sleep so well!
Ruby R (Warwick, New York)
February 09, 2018
Glad I invested in this, I know we will have it for our other children to come and beyond
Hi there! Do traditional crib sheets work on the cotton toddler mattress?
Yes, totally. Please keep in mind that we also make bedding, sheets etc:
At what age can a chile begin to use this mattress safely?
This mattress can only be used for a child that can easily lift up their head and sit up. No infant should use this mattress.
how heavy is this mattress?
Organic Cotton Toddler Mattress ∙ 28x54x3.5” ∙ approximately 22 lbs.
Green Cotton Toddler Mattress ∙ 28x54x3.5” ∙ approximately 26 lbs.
More information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions:

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