Natural Shredded Latex Decorative Pillow Inserts (Washable)

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These Decorative Pillows are firmly filled to be very supportive, stand tall and hold their shape!  Looking for a softer, cozier, fluffier feel at a lower ⬇️ cost? You can find those here.

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Shredded Latex Decorative Pillow in GOTS Organic Case

For supportive washable pillows guests can sink into, nothing beats our natural shredded decorative latex pillows. Encased in our durable organic cotton twill, our natural latex pillows stay cool and last much longer than conventional memory foam pillows.

Available in three square sizes, these pillows are perfect for accenting couches and guest beds.

Natural Latex for a Sweat-Free Snuggle

Unlike its sweaty cousin, memory foam, natural latex is temperature neutral, so it won’t make you sweat to sleep on. Responsive and soft like memory foam, yet durable, this is a material that will last for years, and never offgas.

Natural latex isn’t just comfortable — it’s 100% biodegradable, mold and mite-resistant, and even naturally antimicrobial, meaning that a shredded latex decorative pillow stays fresher longer.

Zippers for Custom Firmness

Not sure how firm you like your pillows? Get your pillow with a zippered case and add or remove filling to suit your own preferences. Simply store any excess material in a moisture and pest-proof container, or order more shredded latex from our Wholesale Fibers section.  When your pillows are ready for a fluffing, simply unzip, empty, and restuff.

The Organic Cotton Twill fabric used for this product is GOTS certified and imported from Pakistan.

See more information from our supplier here!  Here is the OEKO-TEX certification for our Latex. 
Our natural latex is Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certified, as well as FSC Certified, and the plant that makes it in the USA is GOLS Certified, but are not currently sourcing GOLS certified Raw material.

Shredded Latex Pillow Sizes and Weights


Size (inches)

Weight (lbs)


Small Square



Organic Cotton Twill

Medium Square



Organic Cotton Twill

Large Square



Organic Cotton Twill

Cleaning Your Pillows

These are the ONLY White Lotus Home pillow you can put in the wash, you would just have to dry them twice to get them fully dry. However, we always recommend spot cleaning our pillows — never saturate them with any liquid. We always recommend to our customers that they add one of our protective Barrier Cloth pillow covers, to ensure spills never get out of hand.

To spot clean, we suggest a mild solution of three parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle, but for particularly stubborn spills, a mild detergent is perfectly fine to add to the bottle as well.

Always ensure your pillow is thoroughly dried after a spot cleaning, either by using a hair dryer or placing it in the sun to air out.

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Emily A (Marina del Rey, CA)
April 11, 2022
Pillows for sofa—wonderful quality and firmness is adjustable
Are there any flame retardants in this product?
Nothing White Lotus Home manufactures contains any flame retardants. No, this pillow does not contain any flame retardants.
Natural Shredded Latex Decorative Pillow Inserts (Washable)

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