GOTS Organic Wool Pillows

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GOTS Organic Wool Pillow in GOTS Organic Case

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Organic Wool pillows offer something for everyone, with customizable firmness, natural flame and pest-resistant properties, and an incredible ability to be insulative and breathable at the same time. Encased in soft and smooth organic Sateen Cotton, our wool pillows can be fluffed, refilled, and reused for years to come.

Available in sizes from travel to body pillows, White Lotus Home carries a wool pillow for everyone.

Our GOTS certified organic wool pillows are naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, and require no flame retardant chemical treatments to be safe. Wool is comfortable in the summer and winter, thanks to its natural insulative properties.

Best for hot/sweaty sleepers who want a soft, fluffy pillowtopper, or duvet. Also a good fit for people with allergies.

GOTS Organic Wool - Best for hot/sweaty sleepers who want a soft, fluffy pillow. Also a good fit for people with allergies.

πŸŒ₯ Medium softness/firmness

🌱 Naturally antimicrobial & dust mite resistant

🌀 Comfortable year-round, from the cold of winter to the heat of summer months

🌿 Encased in soft, smooth, luxurious organic Sateen Cotton

πŸ‘ Stuffed with wool from ethically raised sheep

πŸ‘Œ Hand-stuffed to avoid lumps & customizable so you can find the perfect firmness

πŸ’§ Naturally flame retardant - no chemicals here

Zippers for Custom Firmness

Not sure how firm you like your pillows? Get your pillow with a zippered case, and add or remove filling to suit your own preferences. Simply store any excess material in a moisture and pest-proof container, or order more wool from our Wholesale Fibers section.

NEED HELP SELECTING THE RIGHT ORGANIC PILLOW FOR YOU?  Check out this Blog post on "How to Find the PERFECT PILLOW" and our White Lotus Home videos have some great details.

The Organic Cotton Sateen fabric used in this product is GOTS Certified and Imported. 

Wool from Happy Sheep! 

Traceable, Farm to Market Wool from Happy Sheep in NZ!

When you purchase any White Lotus Home wool product or bulk wool fibers, you can rest assured you're receiving a high quality product you can trust. Grown in New Zealand from free range, pasture-fed sheep, then processed right here in the USA, all of our wool is scoured using only gentle NPEO-free detergents without bleach. It then goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure its integrity.

View our GOTS organic certificates for Organic Tilth (OTCO).
Pillow Sizes & Weights: Organic Wool

As all White Lotus Home products are unique, listed weights are approximate.

Pillow Fill Size Weight Exterior Case
Standard Wool Sleep Pillow    βˆ™    Soft  βˆ™   20 x 26"    βˆ™   1.9 lbs.    βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
Standard Wool Sleep Pillow  βˆ™   Medium    βˆ™   20 x 26"  βˆ™   2.3 lbs.  βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
Standard Wool Sleep Pillow   βˆ™  Firm  βˆ™  20 x 26"  βˆ™   2.8 lbs.  βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
Queen Wool Sleep Pillow  βˆ™   Soft  βˆ™  20 x 30"   βˆ™  2.5 lbs.   βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
Queen Wool Sleep Pillow   βˆ™   Medium  βˆ™   20 x 30"  βˆ™   3 lbs.   βˆ™  Organic Cotton Sateen
Queen Wool Sleep Pillow   βˆ™   Firm  βˆ™   20 x 30"  βˆ™  3.8 lbs.  βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
King Wool Sleep Pillow   βˆ™   Soft   βˆ™   20 x 36"  βˆ™   3.4 lbs.   βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
King Wool Sleep Pillow   βˆ™   Medium   βˆ™   20 x 36"  βˆ™   4 lbs.   βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
King Wool Sleep Pillow  βˆ™   Firm  βˆ™   20 x 36"  βˆ™  5 lbs.   βˆ™  Organic Cotton Sateen
Wool Body Pillow  βˆ™   Medium  βˆ™   20 x 72"  βˆ™   9 lbs.  βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
Wool Travel Pillow   βˆ™  Medium   βˆ™   12 x 16"   βˆ™   1 lb.  βˆ™   Organic Cotton Sateen
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lindsey f (North Liberty, IN)
November 01, 2023
Super satisfied with the quality! This is coming from an overly sensitive, picky individual when it comes to toxic materials and products. We have used this brand for over 10 years with much comfort and no sensitivities. Additionally, I happened to get an amazing deal which made my purchase exceptional! Thank you!
Rosa N (Strasburg, PA)
May 09, 2023
My husband and I love our wool pillows, so comfortable! They're full size queen pillows, no skimping on size! And the zipper is helpful to remove or add fill as you wish. We both highly recommend White Lotus products. Looking forward to buying other items in the future.
Tina D (Britt, IA)
October 13, 2022
Top quality. I have three, one with more filling than the other two and I like the two with less filling. Simple but of the highest quality.
Kelly B (Fredericksburg, VA)
May 05, 2022
To sleep with at night. I would recommend this to everyone. It is very comfortable.
Kaitlyn B (Iron Mountain, MI)
March 17, 2022
Excellent quality. My favorite pillow hands down.
how long does the wool odor last? any way to air it out quickly? We are concerned about ordering a new item, and not being able to wash it before using - especially during Covid. Do you have Covid protocols in place? The dedicated people who make our pillows are strangers to us (and we appreciate them!) but we are high-risk and need to be very very careful. Any thoughts? Thank you!
The natural scent of the wool could last a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the sensitivity of the person. We have kept strict Covid protocols at our location since it started. Our facility is large enough to place each artisan in their own areas and masks are worn. About 99% of our staff is vaccinated and we are only open by appointment for showroom visits. We never have more than one person/family in our showroom. We take each employee's temperature at the beginning of the day and if anyone shows any signs of fever they are asked to stay home. We haven't had to send anyone home. Our pillows can be purchased with a ZIPPER and the inner fibers can be removed and the outer casing can be washed. A way to air out the wool would be to place it under the sun as a natural way to refresh it. We do hope this is helpful, please email us at for further assistance.

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