What are White Lotus Home Mattress Firmness Levels

1 (very soft)
  • The softest mattress set up that White Lotus Home handcrafts.  White Lotus Home and most back doctors do not recommend very soft mattresses but, if this is what you are comfortable with we recommend adding a Wool Topper EXTRA on top of an All Natural Latex Mattress and a Natural Latex Topper. This 3 piece set should feel like you are on a cloud! If this trio ever becomes too soft, you could always remove a layer or two. 
2-3 (soft)
  • Natural Latex Mattress and/or Topper Set. Good for contouring and reasonable soft sinking feeling which cradles the pressure points.  If this ever feels too soft, you could remove the topper. 
4-6 (medium-firm)
  • The Natural Latex Core and/or choice of a topper. You could always start with just the mattress which is a good balance of firmness, support, and comfortability.  If this surface feels too soft, you could remove the topper. If this feels too FIRM you could always add another topper with EXTRA fill.     
7-9 (firm)
10 (very firm)
  • Extremely firm with little to no padding or conformability. The Boulder style fits the bill in firmness, as does our Evergreen Foam mattress.  This type of mattress is loved by customers that lived in India, Japan, and other international countries where sleeping on firm surfaces is a way of life. If this ever becomes too firm, you could always add a topper. 

While each individual will experience these mattresses differently, you can generally expect them to "rank" in that order in regards to firmness. All of our mattresses can be paired with our range of toppers, which can be used to add a softer, pillow-like surface to your White Lotus or existing mattress.


Having trouble deciding? 

Our Bedding Professionals are available by phone or by email to discuss your specific needs and comfort level. We can work with you through every step of the process, from choosing your best fit in mattresses to selecting a topper that creates a "feel" you desire. We also offer Mattress & Topper Samples that allow you to try our mattresses in the comfort of your own home!

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