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We know that your choice of crib mattress is just as important (if not more so!) than the crib itself. That’s why White Lotus Home had worked for over 35 years to create the ultimate in healthy, earth-friendly, supportive, and comfortable sleep environments for infants. 

Our natural crib mattresses are made differently from any other crib on the market: each is crafted by hand, one-at-a-time.

Our all-cotton Dreamton Crib mattresses take three days to craft by hand. Each crib contains an inner core of unbleached, untreated cotton batting ---  almost twice as many layers as a standard Toddler Mattress. The initial 18 to 20 layers of cotton, measuring about 26-30” thick, are compressed during a process spanning three days. This labor-intensive technique results in a final product measuring 3.5” thick. In an effort to reduce the risk of SIDS, the crib style is immensely firm --- so much so that it cannot be bent or folded. We value our customers and want to ensure that all mattresses used for infants and small children meet the most stringent of safety standards as set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Each crib contains an interior cotton core wrapped in a layer of virgin lambswool from within an unbleached, 100% cotton case. For Organic Cotton Mattresses, all cotton components (the exterior case and interior core) consist of USDA GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

While standard crib mattresses normally measure 27x52 inches or 27.5x52 inches, all White Lotus Home Organic Cotton Crib mattresses measure 28x54x3 inches. The reason ours are handmade to be a little bigger is that we use only natural fibers that compress really well. In order to make sure children sleep on the safest mattress possible, making sure the crib mattress fits nice and snuggly is the best way to go. We have been handcrafting them this way since 1981.  We do make custom sizes if you prefer a different size, please do let us know. 

Every parent or parent-to-be needs should read these documents: a letter to Mothering Magazine on the relationship between SIDS and conventional cribs versus natural cribs, a detailed explanation of the cribs, "The Ultimate Guide To Baby Sleep Safety And SIDS Awareness."  Also, SIDS and SUID:  Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe.


To purchase a mattress without wool or other flame retardants, you must submit a doctor's prescription before your order can be crafted and shipped. The note must be written on a prescription block or a formal letterhead, though the latter must include a DEA Number to be considered valid under Federal Regulation 1633. For legal reasons, we cannot accept notes from practitioners who cannot dispense medication, which includes a number of chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. The note may read as follows: "My patient requires a chemical-free mattress."  You are welcome to purchase a mattress without wool or other flame retardants before obtaining a formal prescription. We will place the item on hold: you will maintain your place in our Production Queue, preventing any delays with your order, but we are unable to craft the mattress until an acceptable prescription is received.


Toddler mattresses are recommended for children 12 months and older, as the surface is far softer than a crib mattress. Both styles generally measure the same length and width to fit snuggly within crib frames, convertible frames, and toddler beds. As your child grows, you also have the option to add a Mattress Topper for a layer of cushion and softness above the density of the crib mattress.



Green Cotton Crib Mattress ∙  28 x 54 x 3.5”  ∙  approximately 29 lbs.





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