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White Lotus Home handmade crib mattresses are made differently. We have been making cribs since 1981, making a natural product that is safer and healthier for your baby. We believe that a firm cotton crib mattress is the greatest sleeping surface any amount of money can buy and your newborn deserves to start his or her life, sleeping without harsh chemicals.

All White Lotus Home mattresses are handmade in the USA, some take one, while others take about five hours to make. The crib is made very firm, which is the firmness necessary to reduce the risk of SIDS and provide the firm surface a newborn needs.

Each crib contains an interior cotton core wrapped in a layer of virgin lambswool from within an unbleached, 100% cotton case. 

While standard crib mattresses normally measure 27x52 inches or 27.5x52 inches, all White Lotus Home Cotton Crib mattresses measure 28x54x3.5 inches. 

Ours are purposely handmade a little bigger to make sure they do not leave any gaps. Making sure the crib mattress fits nice and snug is the best way to go!  We have been handcrafting them this way since 1981.  We do make custom sizes if you prefer.

Every parent or parent-to-be needs should read these documents: 

  1. A letter to Mothering Magazine on the relationship between SIDS and conventional cribs
  2. A detailed explanation of the cribs, "The Ultimate Guide To Baby Sleep Safety And SIDS Awareness."
  3. SIDS and SUID:  Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe
  4. The latest on SIDS, and learn more about how White Lotus Home children products may help reduce the risk of SIDS.

To purchase a mattress without wool as the natural fire retardant, (our VEGAN option) you must submit a doctor's prescription before your order can be crafted and shipped. The note must be written on a prescription block or a formal letterhead, though the letter must include a DEA Number to be considered valid under Federal Regulation 1633.  You are welcome to purchase a mattress without wool or other flame retardants before obtaining a formal prescription. We will place the item on hold: you will maintain your place in our Production Queue, preventing any delays with your order, but we are unable to craft the mattress until an acceptable prescription is received.

Green Cotton Crib Mattress ∙  28 x 54 x 3.5”  ∙  approximately 20 lbs

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