Organic Barrier Cloth Mattress Protector

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WLH C - Organic Barrier Cloth Fabric - natural

Organic Barrier Cloth Cotton Mattress Cover 

Help to protect your mattress from dust and dust mites. Our barrier cover is made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton and a super dense weave that is designed to keep your bedding protected and you comfortable with natural protection and a soft feel. To clean, simply remove the mattress and machine wash in cold water and hang dry. Handmade in the USA.  Also available for pillows

Pest or bug problem? Worried about protecting your organic bedding investment? Worry no longer with these super dense organic cotton barrier cloth covers. The zippered enclosure keeps your eco-friendly bedding safe, and the pests out. We make any custom organic cover barrier cloth for all bedding, cushions, mattresses, and more. If you do not see here what you need, please call 732-828-2111 or email your needs to

The Organic Cotton Barrier Cloth fabric used in this product is GOTS Certified and Imported. 

Fabric type:WLH C 100% Organic Cotton Barrier Fabric
What do you think of this product?
Share your thoughts with the White Lotus Home community.
Morgan H (Sandy, Utah)
March 05, 2020
High quality and fits my mattress perfectly!
Heather H (Beaverton, Oregon)
October 17, 2019
Eve M (Miami , Florida)
September 18, 2019
This mattress protector is well made and strong. It gives you the peace of mind that your beautiful mattress will stay free of stains. It was absolutely worth purchasing to extend the life and quality of the mattress.
Michaela H (Madison, Wisconsin)
September 10, 2019
I love this fabric and the piece of mind that I'm protecting my mattress with a healthy material.
Terran P (St. Regis Falls, New York)
August 06, 2019
I use the futon mattress to sleep and meditate on daily. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a no-off-gassing mattress. The quality is solid, but it does seem to me that some of the stitching on the seams could use a bit more reinforcement than is apparent (I imagine you keep the amount of stitching on the light side, to enable long-term maintenance -- I really appreciate that you're thinking of working with customers for an extended product life.) The only hesitation I have about the mattress overall is that, due to my level of use (which is very high, by any standard) I have seen the mattress develop a significant depression after about 6 months or so, despite flipping and rotating more than recommended. As is, it's still not causing me any problems, so I haven't yet reached out to you about the issue. I very much appreciated how much you all assured me you're willing to help in any way possible.
Patti L (West Simsbury, Connecticut)
June 26, 2019
I use it daily. I recommend the Barrier Cloth Mattress Protector to everyone. It is of excellent quality.
Barbara S (Hayden, Idaho)
June 26, 2019
Have not received it yet. But the one we got previously is working great. Using it on a full mattress. Great quality. Would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Kira Z (Iowa City, Iowa)
June 14, 2019
Soft yet protective. Zero crinkly quality. These get really hard when you wash them, but soften up again when they dry.
Diana C (Rocky Hill, NJ)
February 09, 2018
Kesha F (San Jose, CA)
February 09, 2018
Great product!
Juliana S (New York, New York)
February 09, 2018
Expensive but good quality!
Susan L (Boynton Beach, Florida)
February 09, 2018
It was smaller than I expected, but excellent quality.
Will this fit your Boulder Mattresses (6 inch)?
Thank you for your email. Yes, our covers will fit up to a 6" mattress of any style.

Thank you for choosing White Lotus Home!
Sales and Customer Service Department
Direct: 732-828-2111 ‚Äč
Will this fabric block VOC's from a mattress?
I would be more than happy to help you with your inquiry. We don't advertise our barrier cloth covers as being able to block VOC's from your mattress because, even though the fabric is tightly woven, it's still breathable. Short of a plastic cover (introducing a new host of issues!) there really isn't a natural fabric that can achieve what you're looking for here.

Thank you for choosing White Lotus Home!
Sales and Customer Service Department
Direct: 732-828-2111
To clarify, there is one zipper that is along three sides of the cover?
Hello Ana Lee,

Yes, that is correct. Our futon covers are made with the zipper on three sides of the cover. The two short sides and one long side.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or need more clarification.

We appreciate you reaching out to us.

Thank you for choosing White Lotus Home!
Sales and Customer Service Department
Direct: 732-828-2111
Are these mattress covers water proof?

Thank you for your email.
As these covers are made from tightly woven fabric, its main purpose is to protect against bedbugs and dust mites. We do not consider this fabric as waterproof or water resistant.

Thank you for choosing White Lotus Home!
Sales and Customer Service Department
Direct: 732-828-2111

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