7 Signs You’re Ready for a New Pillow

While we believe in getting the most out of our sleep products and using them as long as possible here at White Lotus Home, it is still true that sometimes your pillow can wear out and need replacing. 

So how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to the comfy cushion you lay your head on each night? 

Here Are 7 Signs You May

Need a New Pillow

You Wake Up with Neck or Shoulder Pain

Have you woken up with a stiff neck or shoulder pain multiple times in recent weeks or months?

If so, you may want to consider replacing your pillow. Like mattressespillows play an important role in maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep.

If your pillow is too worn down, it won’t support your head and neck like it should. Time for an upgrade

Can You Fold It?

Some people prefer to fold their pillows in half before they sleep. If this is you, that’s okay.

What we mean is, if you fold your pillow in half and it stays that way, it’s time for a new one. It should always bounce back to its original shape even if you are a pillow folder.

If it stays folded on its own, that’s a sign your pillow is too worn down to do its job.

It Smells a Little… Funky.

You’ve put a fresh cover on and maybe even washed the pillow itself (if it’s of the washable variety), but it still smells a little stinky?

That odor is likely coming from the skin cells, hair, and body oil build up that’s pretty unavoidable when it comes to pillows.

When the funk just won’t go, it might be time for a new pillow.


You Wake Up Sneezing, Stuffy, or Sniffling

We hate to say it, but dust mites love pillows just as much as we do (unless you get the dust mite repelling kind, like this), and a pillow full of dust mites is a recipe for sneezing and sniffles, especially if you have allergies.

If you’ve found yourself facing an unusual amount of sinus issues, it might be time for a fresh pillow.

It’s Got Stains For Days

Would you feel embarrassed if someone saw your pillow without a case on it? 😬

If so, it might be time for a replacement.

Between oil from our skin, sweat, hair products, and drool, pillows can soak up stains like giant sponges. And while the exterior looks gross, it could also mean that your pillow’s stuffing is getting the grime too.

*Remember! If this sounds like you, don’t forget to grab a waterproof pillow protector here when you order your fresh pillow of choice to prevent future stains and make your new pillow last even longer. :) 

You Fluff, Re-Fluff, and Repeat

Fluffing your pillow a couple times a week is one thing, but if you are fluffing your pillow before you lay down and re-fluffing it multiple times throughout the night, that probably means it’s not supporting you enough anymore and you’re ready for a new pillow. 

(If you order a pillow with a zipper, you can add stuffing later as needed to extend its useful life!)

Your Preferred Sleeping Position Has Changed

If your most common sleeping position recently changed for one reason or another (i.e. you were a back sleeper and now you’re a side sleeper), it’s possible that your pillow isn’t the best fit for you anymore.

If you’re noticing discomfort, it’s probably time for a new pillow that’s a better fit for your new preferred sleeping position.


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