Mrs. Noodle Pillow 14.32" Diameter x 20’ long

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Cotton Velvet Fabrics

Mrs. Noodle Pillow 14.32" Diameter x 20’ long

Complete Set in COTTON VELVET Cover

Mrs. Noodle Pillow is a response to the traditional sofa, filled with kapok, a magical fiber harvested from the spirit tree of the Amazon. Kapok has a silky cotton-like texture, is totally sustainable and perfectly soft and dense for napping. Can be configured in infinite ways.
More about Mrs. Noodle Pillow:

Molly Findlay grew up between Northern California and remote parts of the Mojave Desert, daughter of free-spirited parents with a love of invention. Findlay, who lives between New York, Berkeley, and Trinidad, has worked with a host of renowned photographers and her clients include The New York Times Magazine, Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Gucci, Levi’s, Coach, Kate Spade, and MAC. Findlay is also the co-founder, with husband Everard, of the Mother of Thousands Art Collective, a group of wildly creative artists and designers whose most recent project was taking over the Bergdorf Goodman windows. Her own work, exuberant sculpture and installation pieces which "subvert the everyday experience" by adding humor to the quotidienne in the form of giant soft noodles and telescoping rooms.

Made from Belgian cotton velvet and sustainably-harvested kapok fiber filling.

A note on Kapok: Kapok fiber is very silky—softer than cotton but firmer than down, and completely sustainable. The pods simply fall from the tree to the ground, where they are harvested. The Kapok tree itself is sacred, regarded as the Spirit Tree of the Amazon. Its extensive root system serves as a communication tool for indigenous; one tap travels for miles. Kapok is also naturally antimicrobial and as a bonus—super buoyant.

White Lotus Home is proud to manufacture these lovely pieces of art from purely natural materials like kapok and luxurious cotton velvet fabrics.

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