The 30-year old Organic Bedding company White Lotus Home has begun collaborating with Green Experts from around the country.  The goal, says President and owner Marlon Pando, "is to educate families and people about the myths and benefits of living a healthy, green lifestyle." Pando has been working with Debra Lynn Dadd, called the Queen of Green by the New York Times, on this project, and recently distributed some helpful tips from Dadd to his White Lotus Home Newsletter members.

Dadd runs the popular website, and offers a wide variety of tips and tricks about living green.

White Lotus Home

Debra, how has implementing green products into your home improved your life?

Debra Lynn Dadd

Changing my bed was one of the first things I did in 1978 when I began to detox my home. I had read in a medical book that formaldehyde causes insomnia and I had insomnia, so I thought I'd try changing my sheets. That was easier said than done in 1978, because at that time there were no natural beds and only one brand of sheets that were formaldehyde-free. But I managed to find those formaldehyde-free sheets and put them on my bed, and the very first night I slept like a baby.


White Lotus Home manufactures organic bedding that's free or nearly free of toxins and chemicals. We try to ensure that our customers know that our Green and organic products are actually healthy for their bodies and the environment. Other companies, however, falsely advertise their products as green. What are some of the things consumers should be aware of when looking for Green bedding from new, untested companies?


One of the more common misconceptions my clients and readers have about using green products is that "green" products are "nontoxic". They aren't. The word "green" originally came out of the environmental movement, to include practices that help the Earth, such as recycling, saving energy, and things like that.


That's interesting. As a transparent company, we work hard to make sure our customers know why and how all our products are truly green or certified organic. How can some products be mislabeled green?


Though toxins are an environmental issue, many green products are so labeled based on only one attribute, such as energy savings. It could be a product that is toxic to use, but it saves energy so it's green. So anyone interested in health needs to watch out for this when considering products labeled "green."


That's a good tip. We encourage our customers to see our products page and speak to our customer service representatives to find out exactly why our organic and green products are so healthy to use. You're a published author of multiple books on how to live a greener life. Can you offer a suggestion for our readers on a simple way to make their lives a little more green?


 A tip from my book, take off your shoes when you come in the house and leave them by the door. By doing this, you don't track into your house toxic chemicals your shoes have picked up from walking around outdoors. "Chemicals can include asphalt, pesticides and herbicides from lawns and gardens and sidewalks, and any number of other chemicals that may be present where you walk." This is especially important if you have babies crawling or children playing on the floor. I go barefoot around my house, but you can also keep socks or slippers by the door to wear around the house, with extra pairs for guests.


Thanks Debra! 

Be sure to check out Dadd's website at for more information on how to live a healthier lifestyle. To stay up to day on all our great Green Expert Series events, interviews, and releases, join our newsletter here, and check us out on Facebook here.


We believe that we can make a difference in the green and organic bedding industry by setting an example for others. We believe that quality and fair value are more important than low prices and a quick profit. We are opposed to the exploitation of the planet and all its inhabitants. Above all, our people, products and business practices are socially, politically and environmentally responsible.

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