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Let’s Start the Year on a Positive Note or Nap πŸ˜΄

Toppers, one very important product we have been hand-making in the USA since 1981, and sometimes gets overlooked.

Some call it a pillow top, others a topper but in 2020, many called it: 

"I Need a Healthier Sleep Without Replacing My Mattress, Por Favor πŸ˜"

We wanted to be as clear as possible and assist in making your best napping decisions. Yes, sure if you are ready, go GOTS Organic on your Mattress, Topper, Sheets, Duvets, Duvet Covers, and Pillows but You Do Not Need to start from scratch in order to sleep healthier. 

It's Okay to Take Baby Steps!

In order to figure out if a healthier sleep is worth the change. A Wool Topper is an investment worth two or more baby steps. Toppers are like adding a topping to your favorite dessert 🍨.

While all of our toppers help change comfort levels, a wool topper also wicks away moisture, keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, it is also a natural dust mite repellent. Our Wool Toppers are our best selling toppers, followed by our GOTS Certified Organic Toppers. The organic toppers allow you to start sleeping on an organic surface, without the need to replace every part of your bed. 

Who Needs a TOPPER?

If you are waking up wishing your mattress was a bit softer, you may want to consider a Standard Topper.

If you wake up wishing your mattress was A LOT SOFTER, you should consider a Topper EXTRA.

Finally and probably more importantly, if you are having negative reactions to the possible chemicals in your current mattresses, breathing the healthy ingredients in our toppers, should help you start sleeping healthier!


Below is one of the best Q&As we received about Toppers in 2020:

I am looking for a topper that could help relieve hip pain. Any recommendations? A doctor would be the best person to ask. However, our toppers do give an extra 2-4 inches of comfort on top of your current mattress and closer to your body but if the mattress itself, is the main issue, you may need to replace it. After close to 40 years in this great natural business, we know it is best to consult a doctor when there is a pain you are already dealing with. It is best to think of our toppers as the topping on a cake, it makes what's good better but not everyone needs a topping...😁 For a free Organic Bedding Consultation 732-828-2111. 

The Dream Team at White Lotus Home 😊


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We believe that we can make a difference in the green and organic bedding industry by setting an example for others. We believe that quality and fair value are more important than low prices and a quick profit. We are opposed to the exploitation of the planet and all its inhabitants. Above all, our people, products and business practices are socially, politically and environmentally responsible.

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