Having Fun In Bed Yet? Try a DUVET...

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Why are Duvets a Better Investment Long-Term?

We have a good amount of creative followers and Duvets allows them to sleep healthy and organic while having the advantage of changing the tone, feel and look of their bedrooms by simply changing a duvet cover. You see Organic & Green Cotton Duvets are handmade at White Lotus Home, using GOTS Organic Certified Sateen Cotton Fabric and Pure Wool, GOTS Organic Cotton, locally Grown Green Cotton and yes, GOTS Wool. GOTS Wool Duvets will be added to the site soon…


Winter is Almost Over, So Why a Duvet Now?

Well, depending on what part of the world you are in, Duvets can be used all year round. Most folks use only their DUVET COVERS for the warmer months, the Duvet inserts ONLY, during Spring and Fall weather, and Duvet & Cover during the Winter. With four different Duvet Covers, you could change the look of your bedroom every change of season…

Yay! Going Green no longer means a colorless life! 😁 


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We believe that we can make a difference in the green and organic bedding industry by setting an example for others. We believe that quality and fair value are more important than low prices and a quick profit. We are opposed to the exploitation of the planet and all its inhabitants. Above all, our people, products and business practices are socially, politically and environmentally responsible.

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