Washable Pillow NOW available!

 After putting our pillows through rigorous testing, we can now confirm that itโ€™s safe to wash and dry your White Lotus Home Shredded Latex Pillows! You may need to run it through your dry cycle twice, but this is a great way to keep your shredded latex pillow fresh and clean. ๐Ÿ‘

The Washable Shredded Natural Latex Pillow has been tested with success and is available NOW! Woo-hoo!!

Get yours here!



We believe that we can make a difference in the green and organic bedding industry by setting an example for others. We believe that quality and fair value are more important than low prices and a quick profit. We are opposed to the exploitation of the planet and all its inhabitants. Above all, our people, products and business practices are socially, politically and environmentally responsible.

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